Grace G. Laycy.

Pyschic Medium And Spiritual Teacher


Grace G. Laycy.

Psychic Medium and spiritual teacher


Once you begin to recognise the divine gifts in life, you come to see that there are so many. Your life is abundant.” Mooji

Spiritual guidance and teachings

Whether you’re at a cross road in your life and need guidance and clarity, wish to communicate or recieve words from a loved one passed to spirit, or maybe you’d like to develop your own unique gift, what ever you need, I can help you.


I offer readings over the phone or face to face, what ever your preference.


Psychic School

Would you like to work on developing your own psychic gift, we all have the ability.  I can help guide you to develop your own unique gift.



I run a monthly meditation session in my home.  Ideal for those who need to take time out of their busy lives

An Introduction To

Grace G. Laycy.

I’ve worked as a reader for over 25 years now. I have always had an affinity with the Spirit world.

Like most born and bred Londoners I am plain talking, and my readings are down to earth, practical, and given to you with sensitivity and compassion. I read for you from my heart, with all my love.

“Them upstairs” as I affectionately call my Spirit friends, often give me quirky and surprising information, and it’s always accurate.

I offer workshops to help you to develop and fine tune your own psychic abilities or other spiritual gifts.

Once a month I hold workshops in my home.  I cover all aspects of spiritual development and I will ensure the day is tailored to suit whether you’re a complete beginner maybe your more established and maybe haven’t practiced for a while, what ever your needs I can work with you and help you bring out the best of your own abilities

An Introduction To

Psychic School

An Introduction To

My readings

Speaking to Grace will immediately put you at ease. She connects directly with you, straight away, without asking you any questions. Grace usually opens with a specific summing up of your current situation, and just a glance at the past that led you here

Grace will illuminate opportunities open to you now, and how events will unfold.

Grace is very down to earth and she doesn’t use complex “new age” language, or bizarre methods.

By simply working with Spirit she gives you the information and tools you can use to change confusion, fear or insecurity into peace, confidence, and healthy, happy living.


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Helpringham, Lincolnshire, uk

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