About Me

How I got to where I am today

Hello my name is Grace G. laycy.
I am a Psychic Medium and have been for all of my life.
I am one in a long line of psychic mediums all on my mothers side of the family.
They kept this quiet back in those days for fear of ridicule.
My Mother and Great Grandmother suffered this, so when I started showing signs of talking to people who had passed to spirit, they closed me down and did not encourage any spiritual practice for my own safety.

My Mum sadly and tragically passed away when I was 11, that’s when things completely changed, I then opened up and became fully receptive to spirit, it was heartbreaking loosing my Mum and at the same time it was very difficult coping with spirit trying to teach me spiritual ways.

When I did try to tell my friends the things I could see and sense they became frightened, so I quickly learned to be quiet and keep my feelings and visions to myself.
From then I realised I was different from other people and became known as a rather “odd child”

I joined a development circle at 18 and so my spiritual journey really began.
I have studied extensively over many years at the Arthur Finlay collage for psychic studies at Stanstead Hall in Essex in the U.K.
But for the most part of my life spirit have taught me how to develop my gift.
I have two beautiful daughters and an amazing granddaughter all of whom have the same gifts as the women before them.
I have been a professional psychic medium for about 20 years now and I love it as much today as the day I started, I have dedicated my life to working for spirit.

I have travelled extensively all over the U.K giving readings to people doing shows and platform demonstrations of clairvoyance and mediumship.

I have read for many of our countries stars and famous people, and I have read for many thousands of people from all walks of life, when I read for anyone they are all just people, with the same ups and downs in life the same losses and gains we all have to deal with.

I have a huge amount of love and a great sense of satisfaction when I help people.

Whether that be communicating and bringing through a loved one in spirit, helping someone during times of personal challenges or maybe helping others reach their own potential within spiritual practices.
I love nothing more than to give, and make a difference to those around me.

I am a very big believer in positivity and this shines through in my readings and my personality.

Blessings Grace ❤️

You may have seen Grace On Coach trip a while a go.